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Quellien Narcisse


Narcisse Quellien (born on 27th June 1848 in La Roche Derrien, son of Guillaume-Marie Quellien, shoemaker, and Francoise Jaffrezou, knitter, and died on 16th March 1902 in Paris, victim of a car accident) was a poet and ethnographer of the Breton language, author of 'Annaïk' (1880) and of 'Breiz' (1898). He is the author of 'Chansons et danses des Bretons' published in 1889.

He was a friend of Francois Marie Luzel, and thanks to his friendship with Auguste Renan he obtained employment at the Foreign Ministry's archives. He was also co-author of a book on the 'Tunodo' , the slang language of the rag and bone men and roofers of La Roche-Derrien and its surrounding region, entitled 'Un exemple d'argot Breton: le tunodo ' (1885).


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