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Hingant Jean


Jean Hingant was born on 20th April 1834 in Ploigneau and died in 1898. He did his studies at Tréguier College and then went on to the grand seminary of Saint Brieuc. Ordained priest in 1867, he was curate in Plouguiel in 1868, then in Hengoat, in Prat in 1876, Plougras in 1878, rector of Magoar in 1881, of Mosteru in 1885 and of Saint Quay Perros in 1890.

He is known for his works on the Breton language: 'Colloque Francais et Breton ou nouveau vocabulaire', published by Prud'homme, Saint Brieuc in 1863, and 'Elements de la grammaire bretonne', by Le Flem, Tréguier in 1868.


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