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Meven Mordiern


Meven Mordiern (29th October 1878-4th February 1949), officially René Le Roux, was a Breton language writer, an erudite specialist in Celtic civilization and the principal collaborator of the linguist Francois Vallée. 

Together with Francois Vallée (Abherve) and Emile Ernault (Barz ar Gouët), Meven Mordiern formed the 'X3' group, ardent followers of ancient Celtic civilization, who worked on the great saga of that civilization: 'Sketla Segobrani', an apocryphal memoir on the Celtic mercenary Segobranos, having the first book 'Dis Atir-Teutatis' printed by Prud'homme in 1923, and books 2 and 3 coming out in 1924 in one volume, with finally book 4 'Tamaris'-Esus' in 1925. The 'Sketla-Segobrani' are illustrated by James Bouillé, member of the Seiz Breur.


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