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Potr Treoure Conq Augustin


Abbé Augustin Conq, born on 16th October 1874 in Tréouré, and decesed on 26th December 1952, was a priest and Breton poet, known under the pseudonymes of An aotrou Konk and Potr Treoure.

He published a 'Barzaz ha Sonioù' (presse libérale, Brest 1935) comprised of poems and songs. Well known for his fables, he adapted several from La Fontaine, such as 'Al Louarn besk' (the fox having his tail cut).

Amongst his famous songs in Breton: 'Hirvoudou, Va Zi Bihan, Gwir Vretoned and Breiz-Izel'.


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