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Joubrel Henri



Henri Joubrel was born in Vannes. He was a magistrate until 31st December 1941. On that date, he voluntarily withdrew from his position. From then onwards he devoted his energies to the defense of young people in moral danger. He took particular interest in the Breton reeducation project at the Ker Goat center, which was created in 1940, and was run by young scout leaders near Dinan. He wrote a best-seller based on it which was entitled 'Ker Goat où le salut des enfants perdus'. In 1945 he was appointed national commissioner of the ' Éclaireurs ' of France for the safeguard of children. He created the international association of 'éducateurs de jeunes inadaptés' (AIEJI) of which he was president from November 1955 until April 1978. He wrote in numerous newspapers and periodicals of all tendencies (L'Illustration, Informations sociales, Journal des Éclaireurs, L'Action laïque, Liaisons, Ouest-France, Rééducation, Sauvegarde, Tribune de l'Enfance...). He died on 27th April 1983 in Saint-Malo.


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