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author(s) : Geistdoerfer Michel

publication year : 1940


Born April 14, 1883 in Dinan, (Côtes-du-Nord). Member of the Côtes-du-Nord from 1928 to 1942. Michel Geistdoerfer was born on April 14, 1883 in Dinan, the city where his great-uncle had founded in 1830 the first brewery in Brittany. Dignitary of masonry, republican, hostile to the coup d'etat of December 2, this great-uncle had also created a newspaper La Sentinelle du Peuple, in liaison with the outlaws of Jersey. Michel's father was also an ardent democrat. City councilor, leader of the Republican party, he founded Le Petit Bleu, a secular, democratic and social propaganda body. It was in this newspaper that Michel Geistdoerfer, a student at the college in Dinan, began, at the age of 17, his career as a journalist by defending a supervisor of the college threatened with dismissal for not having greeted the parish priest. Died April 22, 1964 in Paris.

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