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The object of the Breton and European Digital Library project is to place at everyone's disposal: researchers, students or simply those fascinated by all sorts of documents (manuscripts, books, posters, administrative records, pictures etc...) that have patrimonial, historical, literary or linguistic value. This project is run by a team of volunteers who ensure the scanning, the filing and management of the project.

Nonetheless, the project involves considerable costs which could easily be covered if a financial contribution was made by regular visitors to the site. You can now make a donation towards the perpetuation of this project. Many thanks for your understanding.

Gwalarn :

GWALARN-KANNADIG GWALARN In March of 1925 there was an article in number 75 of Breiz Atao entitled: «First and last manifesto of Gwalarn in the French language ». The following month a new three monthly magazine was published « Gwalarn's litterary supplement for BA » or « Kelaouenn lennegel e brezoneg penn-da-benn, adniverenn breiz atao » which became independent in July 1926 with its issue no. 6 and left behind the Breiz Atao format to take on its definitive format with issue no.9. Directors : Roparz Hemon and Olier Mordrel are the founders of the magazine. From 1928, Roparz Hemon took over the management of the magazine until its last issue. It was three monthly from numbers 1 to 22 and then it became a monthly until the last issue number 165 of May 1944. During this period the magazine was not published from July-August 1939 (128-129) to November 1940 (130) and did only one issue from March to October 1943 (158). Kannadig Gwalarn : In March 1932 there was a trial issue of « Kannadig Gwalarn » in the same format as the magazine Gwalarn which is issue number 0 of the series. From October 1932 to May 1933 there were 8 issues format A4. After the trial «Gwalarn » and « Gwalarn /Kannadig Gwalarn » alternated every month from number 56 to number 97 which was the last issue of « Kannadig ».

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